Hello, We’re Brianna & Matt Wray!

Matt’s an audio engineer by trade and a produce guy by day. He can basically play any instrument you hand him. Although he’s not a big writer, you’ll see his recipes and handiwork all over the blog. Find out more about Matt, aka Honeybee, here.

Brianna’s an interdisciplinary visual artist, content creator and musician. Find out more about her artwork here. You can pretty much guarantee there’s a list of things to do nearby when Brianna’s involved. And she gives the best hugs.

Jared Wade is a contributor here as well. You’ll see his photography and be impressed.

What to Expect Around These Parts

Wrays of Sunshine is a place where ideas, dialogue, recipes, projects, fine art and photography intersect. Our monthly features include an artist interview, food and drink recipes, photography, just general musings on the state of things.

This is my blog. There are others like it, but this one is mine.

That means there’s no rudeness, discrimination or other assholery allowed. It also means that I guarantee all opinions are my own, be it sponsored content or just a random post. Projects and recipes are posted here for the purpose of sharing. By all means, copy and paste away, but please link back to the original post if you’re using my content on your website.

 We won the Liebster! [November 2014]


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