Imminent Mode: Revolution Resist

Adé Cônnére hosted and toured us through this street front runway fashion experience and the looks were to be admired. Dresses made to move held up by womxn ready to resist.


I was there to see Amanda Franz and Devon Yan’s post-apocalyptic hive queen look and I was not disappointed. Rae showed up to shoot the look and ended modeling instead. The candids are always my favorite. Shout out to all the Chihuly fam in and around the building.



8 Years

Celebrating eight years in Seattle as of October 13th, 2017. Thinking about changes and times and especially about exciting new dynamics for our work and life in general.

Seattle’s summers are perfect, but it’s the Fall that woos you into believing the Winter will never come. Fall is so good here you can forget how long Spring drags on.

Eight years later everything looks different. There’s a whole new route to downtown. The Space Needle is undergoing its first renovation since its inception. We’re coping with pie.

My neighbor’s scarecrows are so good they’ve been scaring us for two days straight. There are three of them and they have [fake] cockroaches as pets.

It’s perfectly exactly cape weather outside which makes a lady like me get witchy.


Folklife 2017

We didn’t get to attend last year, so Folklife was high on my list of priorities this year. I even brought de rhythm!



Check out my Folklife Video on the Wrays of Sunshine Youtube Channel. Don’t forget to subscribe!

Yes yes yes yes! Folklife was TENDER. Next year I’ll have a better camera set-up and I’ll be able to capture more, but no complaints. A good time was had by all.

❤ Does your town have any cool festivals? Populate them and report back!



Current Favorites June 2017

I’m back again, this time beating my keyboard to share my current favorite hair products. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a natural hair post mostly because in order to have consistent hair health, you have to be consistent, doing the same things. It got hard to create posts saying the same thing.

Over time, though, I’ve come to notice bigger changes in my curls and that some products I knew and loved in the past have, maybe, change their formulas sending me back down the curly aisle. Now there’s more to share.

So we’ll begin with the one thing my hair always wants: coconut oil. Cold-pressed, virginal, it’s everything my hair needs in the realm of moisture. I put this on first and judge other products by how well they capture the oil throughout the week.

So lately I’ve been digging these Cantu products. At first I used this Leave In Conditioner as a deep conditioner and that was great. Really great, actually. So great that it was months and months later before I considered using it for its actual purpose. I don’t even use Leave-In Conditioner in my regular styling routine [that’s a whole other post], but I was drawn to try it hoping to prevent the product residue from this Twist & Lock Gel. I tried it that way, meh. My hair still felt a little heavy and dirty. Today I tried the Leave-In with Eco-Styler Gel. Crunchy now, but will last all week, so no complaints.


So I’ve just passed my 3-Year Natural-versary! Can you believe it? When I started I knew for sure it would take five whole years to get the hair I wanted, but honestly I’m there now. Of course, two years from now, well, I can’t wait! Keep an eye out for some videos on my Youtube Channel as well. Leave your requests in the comments.


See you soon,



Utopia Neighborhood Club: a Student Response Pt II at Jacob Lawrence Gallery

It’s been 100 years since Jacob Lawrence, the incredible being and painter, was born. To celebrate they put out a call for work that “was not limited to objects but open to proposals for events that could take place in the Gallery, new ideas for the operation of the Gallery, manifestos concerning the Gallery’s stated goals, etc.”

Utopia is No-Place, and therefore it is left up to all of us to find it. —Stephen Duncombe

My response is Within Range, a suite of artwork pertaining to the imagining of a post-apocalyptic world in the form of abstracted landscapes, gestural musings and mixed media. Visitors and I will collaborate to create a mural, our perfect world. It’s a nonsensical, potentially derelict environment but it is ours and good things are happening. Obstructing and yet enhancing the view is Distortion, a sculptural element made from recycled materials.

It is an honor in the extreme to have my art hang in the room beside Jacob Lawrence’s. It’s . I have gratitude by the heap for departing director Scott Lawrimore, new director Emily Zimmerman, curators Nadia Ahmed (Art History + 3D4M undergraduate), Sarah G. Faulk (Art History undergraduate), and an extra heap for Anqi Peng (IVA BA 2016)who is an exceptionally helpful person, plus Grace Chakrian for being my first collaborator. And, of course Matt, Honeybee extraordinaire who helped with hanging and patience with no sleep. Even in delirium, he’s incredible.


The Stranger suggests you go, so…

See you there!


2016_Sunshine Signature_grey burst

A Blur

Why am I surprised? I shouldn’t be surprised, but ohmygaww!

Life is offthechain what with all the patriarchy sucking my soul and studio time screen printing and intaglio printing and working on a residency for the Jacob Lawrence Gallery and reporting for the Student Voice Project. I have so much to share, you just wait!

In the meantime I leave you with a quite literal blur from a photoshoot Honeybee and I did recently.

That’s a whole other story, ha!



The Beginning of the End


I’m here on the first day of my last quarter of this chapter of higher education. Queue nostalgia. This is it, the ramping of the preeminence of the going of the big time. It is, as they say, on like Donkey Kong.

Sometimes I find myself holding back due to limited resources or energy. I’ll build up an idea so huge I’m already too tired to do it justice.

The good thing about this bad habit is it’s easy to identify. Of course, correcting it will be easier said than done. But! When the issue is you don’t do, then the solution is do-do.


You’ll just have to see what I mean.

In the meantime, I’ll be running the Instagram account for the Student Voice Project. Quick, follow so you don’t miss a thing!


‘appy ‘ew ‘ear!

Cheers to you and yours. May this year, as every year, be better than the last. Much of 2016 was a blur, as though our planet’s been hurtling through its way around the sun at an unusually breakneck fast pace. That’s okay, though, as long as I have a place to reflect on it all.

I’m so thankful for these Wrays of Sunshine. Look forward to more fun stuff in 2017. Y’all ready?


2016_Sunshine Signature_grey burst

Image: Pixabay | “Always in motion is the future” -Yoda Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back