8 Years

Celebrating eight years in Seattle as of October 13th, 2017. Thinking about changes and times and especially about exciting new dynamics for our work and life in general.

Seattle’s summers are perfect, but it’s the Fall that woos you into believing the Winter will never come. Fall is so good here you can forget how long Spring drags on.

Eight years later everything looks different. There’s a whole new route to downtown. The Space Needle is undergoing its first renovation since its inception. We’re coping with pie.

My neighbor’s scarecrows are so good they’ve been scaring us for two days straight. There are three of them and they have [fake] cockroaches as pets.

It’s perfectly exactly cape weather outside which makes a lady like me get witchy.


A Blur

Why am I surprised? I shouldn’t be surprised, but ohmygaww!

Life is offthechain what with all the patriarchy sucking my soul and studio time screen printing and intaglio printing and working on a residency for the Jacob Lawrence Gallery and reporting for the Student Voice Project. I have so much to share, you just wait!

In the meantime I leave you with a quite literal blur from a photoshoot Honeybee and I did recently.

That’s a whole other story, ha!



The Beginning of the End


I’m here on the first day of my last quarter of this chapter of higher education. Queue nostalgia. This is it, the ramping of the preeminence of the going of the big time. It is, as they say, on like Donkey Kong.

Sometimes I find myself holding back due to limited resources or energy. I’ll build up an idea so huge I’m already too tired to do it justice.

The good thing about this bad habit is it’s easy to identify. Of course, correcting it will be easier said than done. But! When the issue is you don’t do, then the solution is do-do.


You’ll just have to see what I mean.

In the meantime, I’ll be running the Instagram account for the Student Voice Project. Quick, follow so you don’t miss a thing!


‘appy ‘ew ‘ear!

Cheers to you and yours. May this year, as every year, be better than the last. Much of 2016 was a blur, as though our planet’s been hurtling through its way around the sun at an unusually breakneck fast pace. That’s okay, though, as long as I have a place to reflect on it all.

I’m so thankful for these Wrays of Sunshine. Look forward to more fun stuff in 2017. Y’all ready?


2016_Sunshine Signature_grey burst

Image: Pixabay | “Always in motion is the future” -Yoda Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Yelping Yule | Festive Festivus | Happy Hanukkah | Quiet Kwanzaa | Crunk Christmas

We’re giving zero f#cks what you celebrate, or if you celebrate anything at all.

We’re wishing you the very best.

We’re sending you all our loving.

Christmas Present

See you next year!


Matt & Bri Wray

Candy Cane Image Credit: Pixabay

Brianna: Wray of Sunshine

Hey y’all,

I’ve emerged from the finals fog to share the last of our Identity & the Moving Image assignment. I present Brianna: Wray of Sunshine

My classmates gave me written critiques which were mostly unanimous in wanting the music quieter and my voiceover louder. Agreed. I struggled with the levels and rushed it a bit. One person was concerned that I wasn’t wearing headphones. But, I assure you, they’re on. I’ve got these wee bluetooth ones. You just can’t see them under all the glitter…and hair. My professor noted that the entire second half of the video could be omitted (or made into its own video). I also agree with that, however in our individual meetings before filming I had two very different ideas and she suggested I combine them. Plus, with graduation approaching I thought it more important to document this workspace and the lovely people who populate it with life. Is it the best video I have done or will do? No, but it’s a collaboration  I am proud of.

Many special thanks to Ellen, Jeanne, Ellen and Matt who helped with ideation and filming. No thanks to Adobe Premiere which deleted my footage AGAIN and wasted 3 hours of editing time and 3 ounces of my sanity. I’m officially on team Final Cut Pro.

What do you think? Are you into video? Do you have any tips on software for me? I’ve used iMovie and Premiere, but Final Cut Pro looks similar enough to figure out. We’ll see!



Thanksgiving 2016

This Thanksgiving was the best one yet. Why? It was intimate, just six of us, no turkey, no drama, just fun. How can you go wrong with that combination?

Short answer: you can’t!


Even without turkey there was so much [insanely delicious] food! Everyone made something or brought something. Bethany’s table flair was on point. And we invented a new tradition: Thanksgiving Group Sketches! Bryan’s Squash Mac&Cheese KILLED THE GAME. And this is from a girl who thought she knew all the ways to make a mac. Ooh! He said it was a new recipe, too! Amazing. Not pictured here, but definitely made the scene was Jared. He brought these fluffy amazing rolls.


It rained and it poured all day. I am thankful we all had a warm, dry place to be. Before we knew it all the plates were empty and all the bellies were happy.

How was your holiday?



Word of the Day: Susurrus

Horror films have always freaked me out. I’m a huge fan if the gore is comedic somehow, but overall I’m hyper-sensitive to suspenseful elements and a bit of a drama queen…and a bit gullible. All it takes is a susurrus as the scene pans over the treeline and I’m all, noooooo don’t go in there! There’s a mummy, a masked murderer, a creature. It’s a trap! Get to the choppah! There’s no hope. Game over, man. Straight up, zero to Humperdink:


Susurrus [soosuruh s], in Latin means a whisper, but the more contemporary definition includes a whisper, a murmur or a soft rustling sound. It’s just enough to put you on edge.  In video, susurruses are a great tool to transition into mysterious scenes without going all Freddie Foreshadowing. In real life, though, if you hear one, maybe run.

And in the meantime, maybe keep on that cardio.

Need more vocabulary? Learn to stultify, endogenously!

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Happy Halloweekend

Ruby Rhod: Boba Boba, omg Boba this is supposed to be Phloston Paradise!

Boba Fett: silent

Ruby Rhod: You’re right, Boba. Let’s get some food.

[at Ezell’s]


Ruby Rhod: Whachu want?


Boba Fett: silently looks at menu

Ruby Rhod: Zzz zzt-zzt ‘schuss me. 4 piece chicken dinner, mac & cheese, mashed potatoes, Dr Pepper, sweet tea

Ezell’s Employee: How would you like your chicken?

Boba Fett: silent

Ruby Rhod: I want it hot. I want it hotter than hot! I want it HAWT HAWT HAWT!!! Side of hot sauce.

Boba Fett: silently devours chicken

Happy Halloweekend, if you celebrate such foolery. Most people partied Saturday, but we got ours in quick Friday night. There’s so much work to be done, but you know we’re all about squeezing in some fun. Here’s us versus our characters:

No pictures of the chicken, of course. The lighting was so terrible and then all of a sudden it was GONE. And the rolls. And the mac & cheese. Not so much the mashed potatoes.


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