‘appy ‘ew ‘ear!

Cheers to you and yours. May this year, as every year, be better than the last. Much of 2016 was a blur, as though our planet’s been hurtling through its way around the sun at an unusually breakneck fast pace. That’s okay, though, as long as I have a place to reflect on it all.

I’m so thankful for these Wrays of Sunshine. Look forward to more fun stuff in 2017. Y’all ready?


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Image: Pixabay | “Always in motion is the future” -Yoda Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Yelping Yule | Festive Festivus | Happy Hanukkah | Quiet Kwanzaa | Crunk Christmas

We’re giving zero f#cks what you celebrate, or if you celebrate anything at all.

We’re wishing you the very best.

We’re sending you all our loving.

Christmas Present

See you next year!


Matt & Bri Wray

Candy Cane Image Credit: Pixabay

Happy Halloweekend

Ruby Rhod: Boba Boba, omg Boba this is supposed to be Phloston Paradise!

Boba Fett: silent

Ruby Rhod: You’re right, Boba. Let’s get some food.

[at Ezell’s]


Ruby Rhod: Whachu want?


Boba Fett: silently looks at menu

Ruby Rhod: Zzz zzt-zzt ‘schuss me. 4 piece chicken dinner, mac & cheese, mashed potatoes, Dr Pepper, sweet tea

Ezell’s Employee: How would you like your chicken?

Boba Fett: silent

Ruby Rhod: I want it hot. I want it hotter than hot! I want it HAWT HAWT HAWT!!! Side of hot sauce.

Boba Fett: silently devours chicken

Happy Halloweekend, if you celebrate such foolery. Most people partied Saturday, but we got ours in quick Friday night. There’s so much work to be done, but you know we’re all about squeezing in some fun. Here’s us versus our characters:

No pictures of the chicken, of course. The lighting was so terrible and then all of a sudden it was GONE. And the rolls. And the mac & cheese. Not so much the mashed potatoes.


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Favorite Halloween Movies

Can you believe it’s October 2016?! Seems like time is flying by around here. But that’s alright, we’ve got choice—I mean strictly top shelf entertainment to get us by. Do you know what you’ll be for Halloween this year? Are people done dressing up? I’m not. And the feeling is certainly showing no sign of slowing. [RIP Gene Wilder] I have some costume ideas, but let’s see how the execution of said ideas goes.

  1. Practical Magic
  2. Halloweentown I & Halloweentown II Kazbar’s Revenge
  3. Tales from the Crypt – the tv series
  4. Young Frankenstein [Oh Gene!]
  5. Death Becomes Her
  6. Drop Dead Gorgeous
  7. the Witches
  8. Rocky Horror Picture Show
  9. the Addams Family
  10. Adams Family Values
  11. Death Proof
  12. Monster House
  13. The Thing
  14. Swamp Thing – the series
  15. the Craft
  16. Harry Potter
  17. Shaun of the Dead
  18. the Birds
  19. the Witches of Eastwick
  20. Ash vs Evil Dead
  21. the Simpsons’ Tree House of Horror
  22. Casper
  23. Beetlejuice
  24. Thriller
  25. Ghostbusters
  26. Coraline
  27. Clue
  28. Ju-On: the Grudge
  29. OldBoy
  30. Hocus Pocus

I wanted to get this post up in plenty of time so you can get in the mood before all Hallows spooks us into Thanksgiving. What are you favorite flicks? Did I miss any?

Holla! I mean booooooooooooo!


New Labor Day Tradition

Happy Labor Day, Sunshine!

This year I’m blessed to be off work officially, but after a good summer’s chillaxin’ I didn’t want to see the day wasted. Instead I decided to labor only for myself. That is, scheduling creative projects like I would meetings in a regular work day. One after another an onslaught of healthy awesomeness. I replaced the morning commute with a jog into North Seattle College campus and back, then got to work fun.

  • jog & plank
  • shower & nutritious breakfast
  • cut up giant watermelon
  • write this weeks menu
  • record glockenspiel for new song, Affirmative
  • upload Super Plaid music
  • make tea
  • make mini peach pies
  • abstract painting for top secret clandestine project
  • sketch denim jacket ideas

We’ll see if I make it through the whole list, but so far I’m steaming right along. Hope your day is lovely, honey! I leave you with a lovely dahlia I spied on my jog this morning.

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Sunshiny Florida

One of the best memories of the Summer of 20016: FLORIDA TRIP

It was amazing because I’ve known my Honeybee for years and have, no doubt, told him crazy stories about Orlando but to be able to show him made all the difference. And it was a trip of many firsts.

He’d never been to a theme park at all ever, so you could imagine his excitement as we pulled up to Universal Studios. I’ve been there several times, but had never seen to whole Wizarding World of Harry Potter experience, since they practically announced they were building it the day I moved. But that meant there was something new for both of us.


We couldn’t get many photos there since there were several wet rides. I didn’t even bring the dSLR and my phone was mostly tucked safely inside a plastic bag.

Plastic bags! They use those still! I’m such a tourist.


Actually, in general, I was a little disappointed with the lack of photos and of the quality of the photos that I did have. There are no images of the yummy seafood crab and shrimp pasta dinner we shared. No photos of Jelian’s buoyant baby bump or audio clips of her yelling at Muggles skipping the line. There’s no evidence of Mama Juana’s fresh, perfect tamales—of course they were victims of their own deliciousness, barely reaching the plate before getting drenched in salsa and demolished. Or of Kat & Rawko’s epic hugs and art! Ultimately pictures are only representations of a slice of a memory and those memories themselves are in tact. For example, after the photo above was taken, I switched to video and captured Honeybee exiting the beach. After that he admitted that he didn’t believe that the water would be warm enough to enjoy comfortably. He genuinely thought we were exaggerating. He’s a believer now, though.

See the video on the Wrays of Sunshine Youtube channel.

And later that evening I shared the best memory with Heather. I won’t go into details here, but Heather knows. And I’ll never forget.

Thank you for all who made this trip possible, it truly takes a village. Learning to take a break really offers more benefits than just a tan, we’re able to look around and see just how blessed we are.

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Our Fremont Solstice Costumes 2016

This year’s Solstice wasn’t so sunny early on. The rain came and went, but that didn’t stop us from getting painted up and heading out.

With the exception of that one year he got to stay until 3, Honeybee usually has to work during Solstice. Instead of giggling and admiring all the beautiful people, he typically is in a freezer tending to chilly produce—or worse, working the check stand with the drunken masses who say things like, “you should really come out and enjoy the day.” You crinkle your eyes at the edges and flatten your lip in a way that resembles a smile, but really you think of course I’d love to enjoy the day, lady, IDIOT! But not this year. This time we got to experience the terrible wonderful glory of the parade from the inside. Of course he’s already in bed because he’s up at 4am for work tomorrow, but today was a day for the books.

Matt rode his bicycle and I scooted along on a Razor Scooter through the parade, so we couldn’t have cameras with us. Instead I offer you our costumes. Matt, the Non-Navigator, who stood in perpetual hero wind throughout the day. Bryan the Wookie up front, Yoda in back. Bethany, the horned ram or the horny ramstress. Also, Sunshine with giant, purple, bird nest afro and industrial strength glitter. Basically me in my natural state.


I say terrible wonderful because there are moments when you truly connect with strangers, when you look out into the crowd and see grace. Other times I realized I had no idea how to ride a Razor Scooter and probably should’ve worn different shoes. There were a lot of hasty decisions I might rethink should I parade again. There was one point when we took a break from biking and scooting to just walk alongside the parade. Some dude sitting on the ground sarcasms, “everyone gets tired.” There was a point when sweat and rain formed a solid sheen sheath around me. A truly odd sensation. That said, it was the most freeing and wonderful experience. And the following shower was none too terrific as well.

Solstice 2016

I hope you had fun hanging in Fremont with us. We’re weird in that way where it’s actually not weird at all because everyone should be naked and glittery and happy. Our costumes came together over a few months. You can see my skirt in Wear Your Work. Need more Solstice in your life? Check out my previous posts on the matter:

Fremont Solstice Parade 2015

Solstice Skaters

Fremont Fair Solstice Parade 2014



Fremont, I love yeh!

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3 Years to the Day

On this our third wedding anniversary I have so much gratitude.

I’m thankful for Honeybee’s amazing family who show us so much love and support. Grandma Jo is a pillar of love, strength and mandolin (or Mando as she calls it). Grandpa Rod’s hugs are so tight they’re even transferable through the US Mail. Papa Shawn makes any and every situation better with a bass line or a crock pot or a fishing pole. Papa’s here, fun’s on. That’s just how they roll.

But more than anything I’m consistently baffled by a partner who is kind, thoughtful and very attentive to details. Sometimes life calls for logistics, sometimes whimsy. Either way, we’ve got it covered. Even if our toothy vagina and tuxedo penis cake toppers melt away, I know we’re in it to win it.

My Aunt Gloria said recently that I’m the only happily married person she knows. She just said it in conversation and kept going, but those words sat with me, heavily, for a while. Even still. I wish happiness and joy for everyone, single or married. And most people just say something along the lines of

marriage takes work.

And it does, but it kind of also doesn’t. My biggest challenge is remembering that there’s no malice in his heart, so tones or attitudes or whathaveyou I may feel are always checked against that fact. Which almost instantly dissolves tension, and begs the question what is at the root of this? And, boom, problem solved.


But then I also just genuinely feel lucky because Matt’s so easy to get along with. For real. I’ll tell you the most annoying thing he does to prove it, mkay. So Matt likes his coffee really hot. Like, scorched earth. He’ll take perfectly hot coffee and microwave it and then inhale / slurp it in such a way that he gets coffee and oxygen to cool it in his mouth all at once. That’s it. That’s all I got. The most irritating thing. He doesn’t leave shit everywhere (I do), he doesn’t yell, isn’t pretentious, or lazy or boring. His cuddle skills are unflinchingly on point. He’s just perfect [for me].


This year we moved into our own place for the first time. It’s a wee, tiny studio apartment that requires careful maneuvering for someone as tall and lean and Matt and small apartment living requires a certain finesse in general, but I still can’t come up with anything more annoying than the coffee!

That said, I know I have my moments when I’m particularly particular or fiendishly unpleasable or crabby wookie, yet this fellow insists that I’m easy to live with.


Looking out into the world where there is a lot of tragedy and pain especially recently, I know that we can overcome it because real love conquers all. Happy anniversary, Honeybee.

Love & Light,

Brianna Wray


30 Years Old & Learning Everyday

It’s my birthday, you guys! Some chump calendars may be spreading some namby-pamby nonsense about “president’s day” but it’s my birthday.

Some reactions from friends:

  • Uh-oh, the big three-oh.”
  • “Oh this is the last one worth celebrating, for sure.”
  • “Huh—you don’t look old.”

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my parents for the doing the nasty in the pasty! And for the lovely presents on this 30th birthday since.

Today is extra amazing because it’s ugly terrible, rainy-cold outside and there’s no place I have to be but home with all the flowers and chocolate and chillaxing. Did I mention the Harry Potter? There’s some Azkaban, too. Reading poetry and editing photos for upcoming posts.

I’m just happy. A great deal of that involves my sweet, sweet Honeybee who threw me a living room dance party for which we had the best dj in the 2-0-6, Jeff (seen also in the To the Death video). Many thanks to friends who took ferries to make the scene.

You can’t go wrong with light saber shenanigans.

Thanks for all the love, well wishes and whatnot. It means everything.

So far I’ve learned that I (and, indeed, we as humans) know very little. What I know is no matter what, even when you work extra hard to afford yourself a break, you may very well end up adulting despite your best efforts. You can write all the essays, you can dot all the i’s but you’ll still end up, from time to time, wielding a plunger that is too small for the task. And as you wade through the very literal and sometimes figurative shit in life, it’s all worthwhile when you’re able to locate that someone, and those somethings that make you smile.

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