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Folklife 2017

We didn’t get to attend last year, so Folklife was high on my list of priorities this year. I even brought de rhythm!



Check out my Folklife Video on the Wrays of Sunshine Youtube Channel. Don’t forget to subscribe!

Yes yes yes yes! Folklife was TENDER. Next year I’ll have a better camera set-up and I’ll be able to capture more, but no complaints. A good time was had by all.

❤ Does your town have any cool festivals? Populate them and report back!



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Utopia Neighborhood Club: a Student Response Pt II at Jacob Lawrence Gallery

It’s been 100 years since Jacob Lawrence, the incredible being and painter, was born. To celebrate they put out a call for work that “was not limited to objects but open to proposals for events that could take place in the Gallery, new ideas for the operation of the Gallery, manifestos concerning the Gallery’s stated goals, etc.”

Utopia is No-Place, and therefore it is left up to all of us to find it. —Stephen Duncombe

My response is Within Range, a suite of artwork pertaining to the imagining of a post-apocalyptic world in the form of abstracted landscapes, gestural musings and mixed media. Visitors and I will collaborate to create a mural, our perfect world. It’s a nonsensical, potentially derelict environment but it is ours and good things are happening. Obstructing and yet enhancing the view is Distortion, a sculptural element made from recycled materials.

It is an honor in the extreme to have my art hang in the room beside Jacob Lawrence’s. It’s . I have gratitude by the heap for departing director Scott Lawrimore, new director Emily Zimmerman, curators Nadia Ahmed (Art History + 3D4M undergraduate), Sarah G. Faulk (Art History undergraduate), and an extra heap for Anqi Peng (IVA BA 2016)who is an exceptionally helpful person, plus Grace Chakrian for being my first collaborator. And, of course Matt, Honeybee extraordinaire who helped with hanging and patience with no sleep. Even in delirium, he’s incredible.


The Stranger suggests you go, so…

See you there!


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‘appy ‘ew ‘ear!

Cheers to you and yours. May this year, as every year, be better than the last. Much of 2016 was a blur, as though our planet’s been hurtling through its way around the sun at an unusually breakneck fast pace. That’s okay, though, as long as I have a place to reflect on it all.

I’m so thankful for these Wrays of Sunshine. Look forward to more fun stuff in 2017. Y’all ready?


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Image: Pixabay | “Always in motion is the future” -Yoda Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

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Installing our work at Sand Point Gallery was a feat and a half. Of course the circumstances were different for everyone considering the range of work presented. My paintings were up in minutes with nails and sticky tack while others had multidimensional pieces that required strategic layering.


There were smiling faces around every corner and we never ran out of wine. A success! And these are just a small sampling of the pieces on display.







Thanks for visiting our gallery debut. Interdisciplinary visual artists work play hard.



Photo Credit: Some photos by Sabrina Hanson as part of the shared files with all our classmates. They are titled with her name followed by an underscore and the name of the artist who created the work photographed. 






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Brianna: Wray of Sunshine

Hey y’all,

I’ve emerged from the finals fog to share the last of our Identity & the Moving Image assignment. I present Brianna: Wray of Sunshine

My classmates gave me written critiques which were mostly unanimous in wanting the music quieter and my voiceover louder. Agreed. I struggled with the levels and rushed it a bit. One person was concerned that I wasn’t wearing headphones. But, I assure you, they’re on. I’ve got these wee bluetooth ones. You just can’t see them under all the glitter…and hair. My professor noted that the entire second half of the video could be omitted (or made into its own video). I also agree with that, however in our individual meetings before filming I had two very different ideas and she suggested I combine them. Plus, with graduation approaching I thought it more important to document this workspace and the lovely people who populate it with life. Is it the best video I have done or will do? No, but it’s a collaboration  I am proud of.

Many special thanks to Ellen, Jeanne, Ellen and Matt who helped with ideation and filming. No thanks to Adobe Premiere which deleted my footage AGAIN and wasted 3 hours of editing time and 3 ounces of my sanity. I’m officially on team Final Cut Pro.

What do you think? Are you into video? Do you have any tips on software for me? I’ve used iMovie and Premiere, but Final Cut Pro looks similar enough to figure out. We’ll see!


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Event: 1/16th at Sand Point Gallery

Join us on Tuesday, November 29th at Sand Point Gallery for some top-shelf, high-brow, full-on fine art. Our poster, created by the very talented Jenn Watts, features a preview of all the beauty to be beheld. Trust me when I say I am as excited to see what’ll be on display as I am to present the paintings I’ve been working on. There will be something for everyone, and wine!

If you’re in the Seattle area, we’d love to see you!


We & the Collaborative

Hi y’all, welcome back! Are you ready for another video? This one is a—gasp—group project.

You know how those can be. One person does nothing. Another person does all the work. When someone else is responsible for your grade, shit gets ugly. But not this time. I’m happy to report that my group was thoughtful and attentive, everyone not only contributed, but truly made this reproduction shine. But before we get into that, here’s the assignment:

90: We & The Collaborative

Remake something, anything, a music video, a speech, a scene from a filmbased on your word, and/or emotion.


Design (Lighting/Camera Assist) 
Sound (You decide the editor(s))


No more than 90 seconds 
Upload to Youtube or Vimeo
Must have Header & Footer

My group picked this SNL skit to copy featuring a caucasian family sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner. Aunt Kathy brings yams and racism to the table and even asks an African-American guest why his friends are antagonizing the police. The arguing only stops when someone puts on Adele. I like the concept and obviously get the joke. Probably most people are soothed by Adele. Not I, though. I’m just not into it. [Forgive me, Adele fans, it’s just that I typically go for more up-tempo music and a lot of the subject matter I’ve heard from her popular hits are about sad relationships. I don’t listen to the radio, so it hasn’t been thrust at me. It’s not a personal attack, Adele as a person is amazing. Just not a fan of the music. There’s only so much room for that on my daily playlist.] I know, it’s the same as my feelings on Starbucks coffee, mine is not the popular opinion and that’s okay.

So, we brainstormed what might bring together people in Seattle with such disparate views. Enter marijuana.
Weed has the potential to aid a lot of people. Heck, it could be ending homelessness from taxes collected by its legal sale. I wanted our video to convey the different ways weed helps. Perhaps a cancer patient would find relief from the harsh treatments involved, a lady with heavy cramps associated with menstruation would benefit from a CBD strain, etc. Of course fitting all that meaning in 90 seconds is nearly impossible. It mostly reads as a recreational weed endorsement. That said, our classmates seemed to like it, especially the fact that all the characters are minorities and the white girl is the lone voice of reason. The harshest criticism is that the autofocus is distracting. Agreed. But in discussion Dan suggested we treat the autofocus as intentional and ponder its effect. In that sense it could be interpreted as moments of confusion in trying to grasp another person’s perspective and then builds to represent the haze of being high. Could be, if it was intentional. It wasn’t though.
Many thanks to Katie, Sharnelle and Adrian who kicked ass in front of and behind the camera. Adrian brought great tech, even the camera. Everyone contributed as best they could. Even when Sharnelle couldn’t be there for the editing because she had to work, she was with us via text offering great ideas. I also appreciate getting to know Katie and Adrian’s editing styles. Everyone’s workflow is different and as the only person there for the whole editing portion, I got a front row seat into different schools of thought.
Alright, here’s a Thanksgiving Miracle – Seattle.

And ours wasn’t the only success. Check out the rest of the class’ work, too.

What do you think? Who’s your favorite? I love love love Going to the Store 1 and And July conceptually. But Michala KILLED THE GAME on Gangnam Style.
So, what have we learned here? Group projects don’t suck, scheduling sucks. Having a crew work on a video increases accuracy and the richness of the end product. Recreation, homage, and appropriation are different ideas with blurred lines between. And that you should subscribe here and on the Wrays of Sunshine Channel for more outlandish creativity. Muah!
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