Wolf & Mayhem


I got some handmade goodness in the mail recently and I had to share. As someone with a historically pagan mindset, I’m really drawn to the witchy artwork in my friend Jessica’s shop, Wolf & Mayhem. That said, look it!Wolf & Mayhem Banner


I have no concept of hesitation when it comes to a hand stitched zine. Wormwood was in my shopping cart with the quickness. In it I found poetry that effectively conjured all the feels.


Love seeing contemporary artists reinvigorate ancient practices. Love supporting artists. Love love love.

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Wednesday, Mar. 2, & Thursday, Mar. 3; 11am-6pm both days

“The campus community and public are invited to a sale of work by current students and alumni.

This year, BUY ART is working with Strange Coupling to create two very different events, offered at the same time, and sharing the same goal – support of UW Art majors and alums.”

Strange Coupling is, “a student-run tradition in the Division of Art for over a decade, Strange Coupling bridges the gap between the UW and the greater Seattle art community by pairing students with professional artists for a collaborative project. This exhibit shows the work of student applicants, which is auctioned to support this year’s projects. The selected students and their artist mate will be announced at the Friday evening event.

The 2016 jurors are Jen Graves, Melanie King (MA 2008), Catharina Manchanda, Amanda Manitach, and Jeffry Mitchell.

The professional artists are Iole Alessandrini, Michael Alm, Byron Au Yong, Zack Bent (MFA 2008), Coldbrew Collective, Alice Gosti, Lauren Iida, Stephanie Liapis, Francesca Lohmann, Emily Ann Pothast (MFA 2005), and Norie Sato (MFA 1974).”

I had entirely too much going on to participate in both events, but you can find my artwork for sale in the BUY ART event. There’ll be monotype and relief prints. You can quickly distinguish my work by the sales number, #25.

Also, on display will be the works of some crazy talented classmates such as E.R. Saba. Her sales number is #41. Keep an eye out!


Fall by E.R. Saba | Oil on Canvas | 20″ x 24″ | 2015 | Image appears courtesy of Artist

This is a great chance to step into collecting, you’ll be getting in on the ground floor of Seattle’s up-and-coming arts community.

See you there, boo!

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Need more info: BUY ART & Strange Coupling Event Page.

If Walls Were Infinite

Anyone who’s been to our house can tell you: there’s no wall left. We’re fresh out, you guys. There’s art hanging on the walls, leaning against the wall on the floor, and in cabinets. There’s actually probably enough to curate a lovely home and still have extra to switch out should the mood strike. Absolutely of course that doesn’t mean I’m not lusting after more. Here’s what I’d bring home if home weren’t already where the art is.

The Heart Of My Heart wall hanging by Tordis Kayma. I’ll never resist trees, especially as they fade off into forever.


Teal Isolation by Stoian Hitrov – teal is quickly becoming my new favorite color and you can never go wrong with bold graphics and negative space.

Teal Isolation

Purple Flowers by ED Design for Fun – because purple flowers are always right on time.

Purple Flowers

Metamorphosis or Metamorphosis by Little Horn and the Cult of Dreams – although I can’t decide which I would pick.

And if you’ve been following along, check out my Society6 shop. I just added a new piece, Jaredise!


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Credits: Text and opinions, Sunshine. Art 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5.

Full disclosure: I’m a Society6 curator, so any links clicked from this blog draw a small curator credit.

Wrays of Sunshine Prints Now Available on society6!

The best advice I’ve heard in regards to career advice:

do what you love

And you know what I love? Making fun illustrations like this and like this. And, really all kinds of art. Upon showing my work to friends, the reaction was bring on the digital prints! I looked around on the web and found Society6 has great reviews in terms of quality and customer service. As much as I’d like to be superwoman, I just really don’t have the ability to quickly and efficiently print and frame work at this time. It’s a no-brainer, yes? Yes. Head on over the shop and check out my shiny new digital illustration for the occasion: Gouache Your Worries Away. Choose from art prints, framed prints or even have it printed on canvas! You can also find Faded Glory, the watercolor painting I shared yesterday. I’ll be adding more super soon, like, lightning fast.

Click here to see my shop!


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Crafting Partners in Crime

It’s not until we’re knee-deep in lace, lenses and flowers that I realize we are on another level. Bethany and I get off the chain making clips, paintings, prints! We’re dancing and having a great time and making stuff. That’s just our idea of fun. It’s icing on the cake that we get to share it on our blog and Etsy page.

Keep an eye on all our shenanigans at Catfight Craft and see our lovely clips on Etsy.



Introducing CatFightCraft

I’m really excited to share a project that’s been in the making for months. Bethany and I have been making and doing, cutting and crafting. We’ve emerged to proudly bring you, CatFightCraft! Find us on FacebookPinterest, Instagram, our site and Etsy! We’re all over the place. Boom, baby!

Teal Flower Clip

CFC brings together our penchant for making accessories and fine art by hand in an effort to better our environment. For me, it’s just fun to watch a cult classic like Princess Bride and busy our hands carving and printing or cutting and sewing. The thing about handmade items is while some things you’d enjoy doing yourself, others you just can’t. You may not have access to power tools or time to put things together, so we’ve opened up a shop where you can buy home decor and fashion accessories created by our  practiced hands. So far there are wallets and leather bracelets up. I love how slim these wallets are. Matt has one and he’s able to keep his cash, ID and debit cards in his back pocket without obstructing my view of his cute butt. Victory. Anyway, we’re just getting started, but soon you’ll find our hair clips and fascinators available, too! Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted.

wallet cropped-cropped-featured1

What’s in a Name?

We don’t really cat fight, rather Bethany and I have complimentary, but different eyes for aesthetics. When given the same tools and supplies, we each do something the other loves, but didn’t think of. When we work together, our skills combine into something even greater. Our blog is where you’ll find the newest inspiration and processes behind what’s in our shop. We’ll also share recipes and how-to projects as well.

Which Wray Did She Go?

Heh, see what I did there? I’ll still be posting here at Wrays of Sunshine, don’t worry. Same line-up. Any posts on CFC will be entirely new content. So, if you’ve ever wanted to find my writing elsewhere, boom, there it will be.

So, check us out! We love to do custom orders. Leave a comment if there’s a hair clip, wallet or bracelet you’d like to request.