Ultimate To Do: College Graduate


Happy Monday!

So far so good here. We’ve had some marvelous sunshine the last couple days so you know Seattleites are happy. Hope your mother’s day was marvelous. I spent just over 4 hours roasting 9 lbs of nuts for my Ma, Aunt and bestie, Martin.

I also received my diploma! Boom! Look at that! An official Associate of Arts. This whole time I’ve been an unofficial associate, uncapitalized. And even though I don’t consider myself done with higher education, I have to admit, it feels good to reach a milestone and it feels really, really good to have a break.

Still waiting to hear back from the University of Washington. They should let me know definitively by the end of June. Fingers crossed!

It’s amazing to look back on all the decisions made to get here. I started off thinking I didn’t want to even start college unless I knew precisely where I was headed, but in reality it’s impossible to know that. The more you learn, the more clear it becomes. So I enrolled at Shoreline thinking that either music or art would be the way to go for me. I began with music classes and loved them! I was so much better equipped to play music with my band, Super Plaid, but then I realized playing music for a grade didn’t feel right. So I switched over to art and found my place. Now as I make my way toward university, I’m thinking of adding a digital specialty in there. I dunno. We’ll see.

I opted out of the long graduation ceremony because my family wouldn’t be able to come and I’d rather celebrate my own way. Any ideas for that? I’m open to suggestions!

If you’re a longtime Sunshine Press (my old blog) reader, you’ll recall my Life List was a collection of things I wanted to accomplish. No time limits like the 30 before 30, and no pressure, just stuff I wanted to do in my lifetime. As I continue to work toward moving all the major features over to the new blog, you’ll see the Life List has been changed to Ultimate To Do and you can find it by hovering your mouse over About: in the banner on top. That way it takes up less space visually, but is still easy to find.

And I suppose it’s a good idea to refresh the list itself. Add some things and take some away. Life is an ever-evolving awesome monster and I am in happy beast mode!

How do you celebrate milestones in your life?