Brianna Wray

Seattle based Interdisciplinary Visual Artist





2017 Within Range

This series of abstract landscapes is real and imaginary. Each scene is customizable, enabling the viewer to emphasize elements inside the work that call to a personal journey. Each of the four paintings stands alone, yet connects with the others. The viewer wanders between them as one does in the internal landscapes of our dreams. What we see in abstraction shifts even under our gaze, squirming to be some other image, like finding bunnies in the clouds in the sky; its perked ears turning to peace sign fingers; then only cirrus clouds.


Within Range is about ornate beauty, but also a cosmic oneness with the Earth as our home and teacher. It’s as much about exploration, and the joy of discovery. Pattern and texture permeate the haze providing structure and growing the guardianship experience associated with finding some secret grove or glen worth protecting from poachers. These paintings were prompted – in part – from a sense of despair wherein our world is subject to the horrors of nightmares, of war, of famine, of injustice but imagining something better. I’m offering a glimpse into someplace beautiful, without dictating what that means for you. Each person resonates at a unique frequency, each takes away something different.

I paint with the hope that recreating a two dimensional representation of a better world is a step toward that reality. I invite you to paint with me. View it through Distortion and find peace.

2017 BLOWNOUT Super Plaid



Brianna: Wray of Sunshine

A Thanksgiving Miracle – Seattle (Parody)

Mask Magnifique


“Wax Face” 2012, 10″ x 27″, acrylic on plywood. This is a 4-color abstract painting of a figure using texture and repetition to imply depth.


Ballard Yacht Club





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