Artist Statement

Brianna Wray, Interdisciplinary Artist

My journey into visual arts began with an introduction to graffiti and acrylic paintings with a guerilla-style artist collective known as the B-Side artists of Orlando, FL. Paintings were created in full view of an audience, during concerts or on busy sidewalks. My subject was nature, and featured trees in many forms. Some were composed of impossible elements; such as Bubble Tree which used bubbles to depict the depth in branches and bark, while others fantasized trees in unrealistic locations, as Through the Looking Glass with the tree floating in space on a shell and warped in perspective. I worked strictly in acrylic paint on canvas.

    Upon relocating to Seattle, I began to explore alternative surfaces. Plywood became a favorite, but I was no longer satisfied with only acrylic and spray paint as mediums. Meanwhile, a passion for music emerged and while playing music was fun, I sought to marry musical art with visual art. I was given a warped guitar that had been rendered unplayable by a professional musician. On one particular summer day, I smashed the guitar and then painted and rebuilt it on a plywood surface. I have since created four additional assemblages involving more refined joinery techniques and more diverse materials while continuing to experiment with acrylic and oil on canvas. In the realm of printmaking, I’m interested in the idea of light’s interplay in our perception of depth. I am currently working in relief, monotype and intaglio to complete the study.

    As a means of keeping and showcasing interests in many multimedia art forms, such as photography, culinary arts, painting and furniture restoration projects, I maintain a blog that informs my work by acting as a sounding board for new ideas, creating a marketplace for my artwork to be sold to buyers and collectors. Blogging also informs my work by exposing me to new, contemporary, artists whom I am able to interview.

    In the future I’d like to work in larger scale, expanding to create murals continuing my exploration of light in nature with unexpected elements. I intend to pursue visual art as a career, developing work in printmaking, painting and three-dimensional mixed media assemblages. I appreciate the inherent beauty that comes from art in a gallery, but I’m also interested in art’s place in everyday. I’d like to recreate the positive effect of beauty in everyday life, in items that would surround us on a day-to-day basis. When we are surrounded by beauty, life is more beautiful. I’d like my work to contribute to fond memories and reflect the world around us in a whimsical way.


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