Natural Hair: Anatomy of a Bad Hair Day

Can I just unleash the struggle for minute, y’all, please? So far in this natural hair journey I’ve been zooming right along. I started with lots of help from Youtube and the blogosphere, finding decent products practically up front and things were great. Now that I’m branching out to experiment with new products the results are not necessarily consistent. (Which, of course, demands a very scientific method approach to determine which product it was that brought on the unfavored coiffure.) All those poorly-lit science labs flashed through my mind as I rinse out what I think is the offending product. I’m still in the shower with wet hair, but I can already tell my hair is dry and sad. Scientific method smyerrific blefid, I say. I can fix this. I throw in a coconut deep conditioning treatment that’d been on deck for trial. That’s where we begin. Looking rough.

Bad, bad hair day

But besides whatever hold/shine issues the products cause, I can’t get around the overall shape of my hair. I think it’s crying out for a haircut, but I also still want to wait until it’s longer. I’m only six months into this thing. Who knows how long that might last with this weird puff situation. A lady can only stand so much struggle.

All that said, I shared my situation with my bestie and my mister and do you know what they both said?! Your hair looks great, they said. I don’t know what you’re talking about, they balked. So I’ll say to you what I said to them, dear readers:

When you have a bad hair day and everyone who knows you best and sees you most often says they can’t tell the difference, what does that say about the good hair days?! Am I imagining that these good hair days even exist?

Natural Hair 6 mo

Struggling with a smile, though, cause that’s how I do.