The Beginning of the End


I’m here on the first day of my last quarter of this chapter of higher education. Queue nostalgia. This is it, the ramping of the preeminence of the going of the big time. It is, as they say, on like Donkey Kong.

Sometimes I find myself holding back due to limited resources or energy. I’ll build up an idea so huge I’m already too tired to do it justice.

The good thing about this bad habit is it’s easy to identify. Of course, correcting it will be easier said than done. But! When the issue is you don’t do, then the solution is do-do.


You’ll just have to see what I mean.

In the meantime, I’ll be running the Instagram account for the Student Voice Project. Quick, follow so you don’t miss a thing!


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Be Boundless: Life at UW

It was August of 2014 when I was accepted, you may recall, and since then the University of Washington has been my home away from home. I’ve been elbow deep in the printmaking studio. It still blows my mind that 4000 students applied to sit where I sit. And I can see why, we have pretty nice chairs. Also around the time I was matriculated,¬†UW adopted a new motto: be boundless. You can’t miss it. This giant signage in Red Square serves to remind me of those words from orientation, “the admissions officers were trained¬†not only to find students who would excel, but who would be most likely to change the campus for the better.”

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