Natural Hair: Curl Definition in the Face of Adversity

7 months natural. The only thing I wish is that it were bigger! Or that I could somehow go back in time and start the journey earlier. I love this crazy curly hair! Look at em in high contrast. The photo below is day 1 hair, mind the shrinkage.

Outstanding Curl Definition in the Face of Adversity

See, what had happened was: the other day I was super excited to try a new product. I’d freshly washed and detangled and I was heading toward twist-out bliss when I saw what looked like boogers in my hair. Turns out Kinky Curly Knot Today isn’t cool with As I Am smoothing gel. Not cool at all. Double rinsed that grossness out. Back at the mirror I thought, hey why put in a leave-in at all?¬†Instead of oil, leave-in conditioner and gel, I just skipped it. I definitely don’t like that ramen noodle look that you get with too much gel, so I saturated each section with oil first, then a light-handed amount of gel, twisted and went about my business.

Lo and behold, it was cute! As I Am smoothing gel is definitely light-weight enough to provide hold without preventing movement. It’s weird when your hair doesn’t move in the wind, at least to me. But what’s even better is, without the leave in conditioner, there was no build-up preventing curl definition. Those curls lasted 4 solid days! By the 3rd day I didn’t even do a mini re-twist before bed. Of course when I woke up the shape was wonky, but I was able to fluff and step out the door with the quickness. Yes, yes, y’all!

I’ve since retested the method (both after using a clarifying shampoo as well as a co-wash, then conditioning) and it’s the bees knees. Now what to do with all this leave-in conditioner?

natural hair: 7 mo

The photo above is day 3. Can you imagine! The past few months each twist-out has only been lasting a a day or two at most. 3 days looking this good bizarre and amazing. Methinks it’s also important to keep oneself from getting into a rut. Right now I feel like my hair is so short (which isn’t necessarily true, but looks that way because, you know, shrinkage) that there aren’t a lot of styling options just yet. Down, basically. Or the occasional updo. But I try to vary my parts, at least. Side, middle, other side, diagonal, diagonal the other way. And accessories are always welcome! I’m wearing two clips here, cause, why not? Get yours at Catfight Craft.