Natural Hair: 99% Natural

When I began this healthy hair transition some 11 months ago, I planned for a long LONG term transition. I’d seen vloggers who still had their straight ends, even with like 12-15 inches of curls! Sure, I thought, I’ll just grow new hair and keep the old, too. Nbd.

But the more bloggers and vloggers I read and watched, the more I noticed a recurring theme: mid-transition-chopping. That won’t happen to me, though. Right? Wrong.

I’ve been trimming the straight ends on a monthly basis, a very small amount to preserve what wee length I do have. Last month, though, something changed. So much of my new curls had grown in that I could actually go a few more days before resetting my twist-out. When that happened, when the curls were allowed to roam freely amongst the satin pillow, they started to morph from twist-out curls to their own pattern. This whole time I haven’t been focusing much on my curl pattern because all the advice I’d taken in from Youtube heroes said 1) Beware curl envy and 2) You won’t know what your curl pattern truly looks like until the straight ends are gone. So, as it began to peek through for the first time I had to face the facts, you guys.

Cute Curls


Cute cute cute! Spirally, tiny, happy curlies! They look a lot like Mama Sunshine’s but are thicker (and a bit more prone to shrinkage, I think). CUTE-cute…until you get to the ends where they would deaden into a jagged, ugly straightness.

Until I couldn’t take it anymore.

Riddle me this: why, when you tell people you cut your own hair, is it assumed that you’ve undergone some sort of trauma? Can’t reasonable, responsible people snip their own tresses sometimes? When I find a reasonable, responsible person I’ll ask, but me, I handled it. And all that Youtube advice was right. My curls were cute with the straight ends weighing them down, but once I cut those off, things changed. It looked shorter than short without the extra weight.

Guess how many fucks were given. Guess! That’s right, folks. Zero fucks given.

Here we are, almost a year later, and my healthy hair journey is zipping right along.

The hair in the photo above is a 5 day old twist-out that was rubbed down using the loc method and shrunk to its heart’s content. Is it better to be lazy? No. Is it better to be able to make lazy look good. Yassssss.

Booyah, baby!