Natural Hair: My Deep Conditioning Routine

I read and watch a lot of Natural Hair videos / blogs, especially in the beginning of my transition I was all about it. One thing I noticed almost immediately was the bloggers / vloggers I loved the most were talking up deep conditioning. I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t into at first. I’m thinking, I already condition my hair, how much more deep do I need to get?!

I was closed-minded to the idea because it sounded like a lot more work than it really is. Makes sense, it takes time to adjust to an entirely new hair type and now that I am, we are, it’s time to open up to new ideas. So what is it? The deep sort of implies a specialized conditioner, but that’s not [necessarily] the case. Really, it’s all about process.

Don’t get it twisted, there are specialized deep conditioners that you can buy if you want to be…extra. But before I could commit dollars to it, I experimented with using the conditioner already in play to great results. Then I talked Honeybee into trying it. He was hesitant to let some unknown conditioner in the mix until I told him he could use the one he already loves.

The trick is to get a shower cap especially for deep conditioning. This one came from Safeway at about $2.50. Wet your hair with warm water. Do this while you’re still dressed, before you shower. Then plop in your favorite conditioner. I’ve been working with my new favorite, Aussie Moist. Saturate the strands, then pull them back into an easy ponytail and pop that cap on. Your body heat is enough to make the conditioner penetrate deep. Then, 30-45 minutes later, shampoo and condition as usual. For my curly girls, you can take this opportunity to detangle and see immediate results. Twist out, braid out, flat twist, blow dry, flat iron, style as you do.

I noticed the difference even as my hair was still wet. Every strand slides along happily. With Matt’s hair we could really tell when it was dry. Omg. Like, magazine shiny hair.

Try it!

Afterwards I rinse out my shower cap and let it dry inside out. Then you’re already ready to deep condition again.


I’ve now been deep conditioning weekly for a month and most recently added Aussie’s 3 minute miracle into the mix. High end deep conditioners get real pricy real fast. This guy was a budget-respecting $3. I’ve got some frizz prone areas right up front (probably because I’m a side sleeper and tosser-turner), so I opted for the Smooth. Aussie also has a Strengthening option. But can you see, even in this quick selfie snap how shiny and defined these curls are?!


Natural Hair Update:

So, you guys, tell me if it’s clear or not, but on my header bar, if you hover your mouse over Hair: you’ll see My Healthy Hair Transition and Natural Hair Resources. My Healthy Hair Transition is the overall tag for every hair related post on the blog, but if you just click Hair: you’ll find the play-by-play of my hair on a semi monthly basis. Is that weird? Should I redo that? I dunno. Leave a comment with your suggestion! In the meantime, here’s some sexy 16 month hair for ya.

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Credits: Text & Sunshine image by Bri. Shower cap image.