Hair: Twist Out vs Braid Out

It’s not that I got bored with the same old twist outs, I was just excited to try something new. I hadn’t done braids in ages. 9 months of twisting, turns out, made me forget how. It took some doing, I un-braided and re-braided twice before it was worthy.

To be truly scientific I asked my Honeybee and friends what they thought of each style. The overall consensus to people not on a natural hair journey: it looks the same. Like a big, awesome bush, they said.

But I could tell.

Each had its own ups and downs. The braid out was wonderfully stretched. This is unprecedented for day one hair, but, on the down side, taking out the braids in the morning required ruining a few of the curls. This caused a frizzy ordeal that I find unacceptable. The front was so bad I had to twist and pin it out of the way. Which was cute, I guess, if that’s what I was going for. I should also mention that this was it. While one twist out can last 3, 4 or even 5 days depending on how I do it, this braid out needed redoing immediately. And ain’t nobody got that kinda time.

8 Months Braid Out

The twist out pictures are a bit darker cause it was an early morning on the way to work, but you can still see the glory of the curl.

9 Months

Can you tell the twist out curls are a bit tighter, but they last longer. By day 2 the curls are stretched the way I like em, but there’s still a day or two left before I have to re-twist.

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So you know who won that one for me. What do you think?



Natural Hair Resources for a Newb Like Me

Remember that style post last month? Well that day was the last day I straightened my hair. Or applied any heat to it. Coming from a heat junky like me that’s a revolution.

On a good day it would look like this. Meh at best. My strands were thin, dry and a bit lifeless.

Then I started wearing it in flat-ironed waves. All the while relaxing my hair, but wishing it was curly. It really hadn’t occurred to me that my hair could be curly on its own. Even considering my mom’s gorgeous curlies. My dad has a very different texture and the two have mixed in me to create…well, I don’t really know. I remember struggling with it as a kid, but I wouldn’t’ve really known what to do with any type of hair at that point. I was a kid! I have no sisters and, again, mom’s hair is entirely different. She’s got perfect ringlet coils.

Mama Sunshine

Youtube started, for me, as a resource for cute ass kitten videos. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon an entire natural hair community. There are a metric fuck-ton of vloggers and bloggers out there. For the past month or so I’ve been a fiend and I thought it might be useful to compile some favorites if only so I don’t lose track of their awesomeness.

Thanks to natural hair bloggers I know:

  • you don’t know what your true texture/curl pattern is until you chop off everything below the line of demarcation
  • it is totally possible to transition slowly, ie without the big (bald) chop
  • that said, most long-term transitioners grow weary of styling contrasting hair types
  • hair envy is a real thing, but with all the curlies out there, you can find someone amazing in every type
  • curly hair is prone to dryness and there’s basically nothing organic cold pressed coconut oil can’t do
  • natural hair is bigger, sexier and (if cared for properly) healthier than relaxed hair
  • easier and faster are two words that were not listed in the factoid above
  • natural hair girls love walks in the rain
  • it’s called a journey for a reason; natural hair takes patience
  • satin pillowcases and bonnets are mandatory

So, let’s talk favorites.

Obviously there’s no blog more on it than Curly Nikki. My heart skipped a beat when I saw curly celebrity interviews of Cree Summer, Tracee Ellis Ross, Corinne Bailey Rae, and so many more! But Nikki doesn’t just stick to celebrities, there are incredible transition stories and interviews with around the way curlies, too. And, what I really appreciate is her in-depth hair knowledge including the science behind our strands. Like all my favorite bloggers, reading her updates is like talking to a buddy. Get it, Nikki!

Tamara has some great beginners tips and tricks such as this transitioning guide.

Taren Guy

Taren is all over the place. She’s on tour, she’s in salons and I hope she’s unstoppable. She’s all about that big, big hair.


These two sisters keep it real, fun and positive. They also were the first Youtubers I saw to address fitness and hair. Sunshine likes to work out, y’all and having natural hair is easier than relaxed in that regard. Hooray!


Kelsey and Kendra are adorable. They’re stylists and actually have cosmetology licenses, so you can trust them on their makeup tutorials and they have a cute video on their natural hair journey as well. Their accents remind me of the south!


Quinn’s hair is gorgeous. My favorite video she’s done is on trimming while maintaining length.


Alexxxhes really gave me the courage to do this long-term thang. Because, see, despite the fact that most of the videos I watched showed girls who wanted to go for longer, a lot of them seem to get sick of the two textures around 8 months and chop-chop. Not saying I won’t do that, but it’s good to see that going 20 months or more is possible. I love that she twisted the top and then braided the relaxed ends to blend those two textures.


This lady is a YouTube legend. She was one of the pioneers and still puts out amazing content.


Two ladies with two very different textures of fabulous hair talk pros and cons while keeping the focus on healthy hair, not length.

You Natural Hair Girls Make Me Sick

Of course the natural hair community isn’t perfect. The title of this lady’s video got my attention and I had to click it. There are times when I truly burst into tears from laughing so hard. She is driving and then takes a phone call from her sister. Haha! Perhaps not the kindest tone/words she could have used, but she makes a point. There does seem to be a lot of the same type of natural hair featured in ads and when your hair is frustrating to deal with and you turn to Youtube for help and see only people with “easier to manage” hair or people who’ve always grown hair quickly because it’s in their genes to do so, it can be discouraging.

Every Natural Hair Video Ever

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

Smoothiefreak, Akilah, takes the joke to the max. It tickles me.

So I’m almost 3 months into my journey. I have an inch and half of new growth. So far my favorite style is a good old-fashioned flat-twist out. They don’t take too long and last about 2 good  days (3 if I’m pushing it). I’ve had a genuine bad hair day, you can tell cause I made my ugly face. Oddly enough I got many compliments that day. Oh, and I did an experiment with sponge rollers, versus hard rollers, versus bantu knots. All kinds of trial and error, mostly with good results.

I feel like there’s at least one more curly out there that I’m forgetting, but that’s the beauty of the internet, yes? You can always update later. What do you think of all this natural goodness? What are your favorite blogs out there?



Updated to include the Resource I forgot!