‘appy ‘ew ‘ear!

Cheers to you and yours. May this year, as every year, be better than the last. Much of 2016 was a blur, as though our planet’s been hurtling through its way around the sun at an unusually breakneck fast pace. That’s okay, though, as long as I have a place to reflect on it all.

I’m so thankful for these Wrays of Sunshine. Look forward to more fun stuff in 2017. Y’all ready?


2016_Sunshine Signature_grey burst

Image: Pixabay | “Always in motion is the future” -Yoda Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2015, recruits. I hope you’re ready to be rendered speechless by bright Wrays of Sunshine. I can’t wait! I have a few resolutions I’m looking into tackling this year. They might seem a bit unusual, but I’ll explain.

  1. No excuses — this is an overall goal. Though I squeeze in as much as I can into a day I know within myself there are also days when I’m a lazy ass. This is worth conquering.
  2. No illogical comparisons — it’s not often, but sometimes I see what other have accomplished and feel instantly horrible and, in truth, that’s not fair. My plan is to run my own race because no one can be a better me. I am the best me there is.
  3. Never sacrifice my health — Y’all know I’m a college student and I love it, but halfway through the quarter I tend to get all stressed out, forget that I can handle it and stop taking care of myself (as well as I do on breaks). It only takes a few minutes to work out, seconds to swallow some vitamins.
  4. More projects — I asked my husband what he thought I should work on in 2015 and he said, “More physical projects that can be held in hand and looked at with your eye. I want to see what’s inside your brain.” So far, so good on this goal. I’m already knee deep in a project you guys are gonna love!
  5. Grow our business — Along the same thought, but on a different note, living my dreams. As in growing our business into a self (and hopefully ME) supporting entity.
  6. Picky Picky — I have a horrible habit of scratching at my lips when I’m studying or nervous. It’s especially horrid considering if you asked my Honeybee what his favorite part is, he’d definitely say lips.
  7. 12 Classes — I already enjoy yoga on my lonesome, I have my favorite poses and get down. This year, however, I’m making it a point to go to other classes, taking advantage of what the University has to offer, but also elsewhere.

Leonetti Wine

We toasted 2015 in the comfort of our own home with Matt’s family’s wine. He bought this $100 bottle 15 years ago and it has aged to perfection. Mmph! We could see the fireworks over the Space Needle from our front porch. It’s funny, though, because when I was growing up in Tennessee I yearned to be going somewhere fun for New Year’s Eve surrounded by friends and a bit of mayhem. This year, though, even after combing the Stranger for parties, I just didn’t wanna. Could you imagine, getting all dressed up to go out in below freezing temperatures to stand in line to pay $ to get in the door to stand in line to pay $ to get a drink, only to stand in line to pee?! I don’t think so.

What are your resolutions this year?! Lay it on me, I want to know. We can inspire each other! We here at Wrays of Sunshine wish you all the best and brightest in 2015 and beyond.

Love and light, betch!

Brianna & Matt Wray