Current Favorites June 2017

I’m back again, this time beating my keyboard to share my current favorite hair products. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a natural hair post mostly because in order to have consistent hair health, you have to be consistent, doing the same things. It got hard to create posts saying the same thing.

Over time, though, I’ve come to notice bigger changes in my curls and that some products I knew and loved in the past have, maybe, change their formulas sending me back down the curly aisle.┬áNow there’s more to share.

So we’ll begin with the one thing my hair always wants: coconut oil. Cold-pressed, virginal, it’s everything my hair needs in the realm of moisture. I put this on first and judge other products by how well they capture the oil throughout the week.

So lately I’ve been digging these Cantu products. At first I used this Leave In Conditioner as a deep conditioner and that was great. Really great, actually. So great that it was months and months later before I considered using it for its actual purpose. I don’t even use Leave-In Conditioner in my regular styling routine [that’s a whole other post], but I was drawn to try it hoping to prevent the product residue from this Twist & Lock Gel. I tried it that way, meh. My hair still felt a little heavy and dirty. Today I tried the Leave-In with Eco-Styler Gel. Crunchy now, but will last all week, so no complaints.


So I’ve just passed my 3-Year Natural-versary! Can you believe it? When I started I knew for sure it would take five whole years to get the hair I wanted, but honestly I’m there now. Of course, two years from now, well, I can’t wait! Keep an eye out for some videos on my Youtube Channel as well. Leave your requests in the comments.


See you soon,