February Round-Up

It’s leap year, y’all. Do you have special February 29th traditions? And I still can’t believe it’s March already. Before we dive headlong into Springtime, let’s relive my birth month.

In February 2016 we:

Got to Meet: Dale

Then I was just basically hauling ass to get work done in blur of a frenzy of productivity and whatnot.


I got everything done in time to celebrate turning 30 with light sabers!

Spindrift Magazine put out a call for entries. Did you submit anything?! And I put out the word about the BUYART sales event which is coming up soon!

And now it’s time to March ahead! So far so good. In case you missed it, we’ve already the opportunity to Meet: E. R. Saba. Awesome.




Happy Halloween / October 2015

‘ello derr. Tis Calypso taking a singular, ‘uman form to wish you a ‘appy ‘allo’een. And, of course, Honeybee is the Dread Pirate Roberts. Meanwhile I have dreads, ha–see what I did there? Arrr my puns too much for ya? At least a little funny?


We’re up to our ears in candy and an Evil Dead, Army of Darkness, etc. horror flick marathon. I get scared easily, so I might get a little distracted on purpose.

Looking for a little something? Well, it just so happens we’ve had a great October here. We went for a walk in my neighborhood looking fabulous. I took a break from the breakneck speed of student life to postulate UW’s Boundless campaign. There was a wicked case of the Mondays in there somewhere. An entire week disappeared as leaves fell. Oh fall. I didn’t go hungry, though, thanks to Meal Prep. That’s always good. Don’t wanna go starving. Ooh and did you see my classmates, These IVA Seniors? They’re amazing. Oh, and I came clean about my favorite new tool for natural hair success.

A good month, indeed. But can you believe there’s a November around the corner? 2015’s gonna be gone before we know it!

Keep it moving, folks. Love and light!

Brianna Wray

December to Remember

I’m not sure how it happens, but December is always a shocker for me. It’s not newly situated in our calendar, yet it baffles and befuddles me. This time of year everything just blows by in a blur. If it weren’t for these monthly round-ups I might just forget all the awesomeness.

Let’s recap.

We have a good the best time making things, that’s how I know Bethany is my crafting partner in crime.

Bethany fingers

I sought out the conquer both thirst and winter chills with my peanut butter hot chocolate with marshmallow cream. This beverage is seriously a work of art. I thought so, but it wasn’t until Honeybee got his lips around it did I realize the truth of what I’d done. Try it, you’ll like it! (Unless you have a peanut allergy. In that case probably sit this one out.)

With hot chocolate in mug, we moved on to my semi-unconventional gift-guide for the creative types in your life. Seems like every year I have a few stragglers that I just can’t think of what to get! Hopefully I helped with a few of yours.

Christmas Present

I spent a crampy evening watching Muppet Christmas Carol and really got into the spirit. I made a snowflake tree for our picture window, hand-printed our cozy fireplace Christmas cards (with Cricut message) and created an alt-wreath to Make: Holiday Cheer. Fun! Jared, Matt and I had a marvelous time trimming our mini tree.

We next departed from the festivities for a minute to take a look at my hair. Never have I been more sure of the decision to document this transition. Seven months ago I was like, this is gonna take forever. But you know what? Time flies. 7 months already! And, more importantly, I’m happy to report amazing Curl Definition in the Face of Adversity. I’ve since retested the new method and my hair is hot fiyah. FIYAH. You can’t argue with fiyah. Fiyah is unreasonable. Just hot.

Outstanding Curl Definition in the Face of Adversity

We check in on the decorations downtown and all around in On the Street & in the Hood

And, of course, we celebrated Christmas! From now ’till next year we’ll be taking our time enjoying family and getting in some serious chill. The holiday season, man. It’s joyous and wonderful but tiring, too.

See you all next year!



August Happenings

It started off heavy with drudgery. A coworker of mine was out for two weeks recovering from shoulder surgery, so the first week of August was pretty quiet around here. I assure you, my ass was TIRED! But working those extra hours will help pay for projects and all sorts of good things, so it was worth it.

I was accepted to the University of Washington and toured the campus for our orientation. It was so lovely I had to share. Thank you for all the kind words!

You may know a certain boxed brand that claims to have the cheesiest, but I beg to differ. Try my Hearty Party Mac & Cheese and tell me what you think.

For the first time ever on Wrays of Sunshine, I put together a poll to see what you suggest I do for this nightstand. The verdict was a 50/50 split between keeping the gold inlays and leaving it like it is. Guess you guys are as undecided as me. Right on. I’ll continue doing nothing until I’m passionate about changing it.

Outstanding Nightstand


With some coaxing from friends and relatives I’ve worked up the courage to take you along with me on this natural hair journey first mentioned last month. I figure it’ll be awesome to go back years from now and chart the evolution of the curl. You’ll notice it’s up in the menu bar for quick finding. I was already two months deep, so this month makes three. After practically overdosing on Youtube videos and blogs, I emerged from the internet to share my favorite natural hair resources to date as well as some progress photos. I’ve yet to come up with a full on plan, but I’m thinking about it. One thing I do know is my hair is way happier already. It’s stronger, softer and just generally cooler so I feel like a winner. Thanks for all the support and love, you guys. You guys!


We wandered the International District and had a blast chowing down on cream puffs at Beard Papa’s. Can’t go wrong there. Then we pretty much scooted ourselves outta town and tried our best to appreciate the last of Seattle summer. The sun is setting at like 7 these days, a far cry from May and June’s 10pm daylight. That’s okay, though. With September comes fall, fall fashion, school, and loads more all new adventures.

See you there, stud!




July Monthlies

Yes, yes y’all and it don’t stop! July was fast and furious and awesome.

We started off the month with our Steamroller Printmaking event which was a thrilling success, mostly. Our final prints went off to be sold at Wallcott’s Decor & More, thanks again Louise!

Our Menu was hoppin! We ate Black Beans & Spiced Rice  Peanut Butter Bacon Jalapeños and had Creme Crumbles for dessert. And you can’t forget yummy delicious mojitos with mint fresh from the garden.

Seattle celebrated the 4th of July with a gorgeous fireworks display to the tune of all local music. The wind cried Mary and I cried Jimi!

4th of July Seattle

I shared some random views of Seattle sights, a little Gas Works Park here, a little library there, Pike Place Market, etc.

I tried my hand at #tbt.

Baby Bri

And I introduced a new feature, Links of Gratitude wherein I share what I’m most thankful for in life and on the internet. So far I like it. What do you think?

2 months ago I stopped using relaxers to permanently straighten my hair. I shared a few thoughts on the journey to natural.

Natural Hair

Of course, it was a pleasure to Meet: Damien Cross, radio personality extraordinaire!

the Offensive Line, guests

My most recent style post, is bangin’! Sunshine and sundresses and the amazing photography of Jared Wade=victory.

Style Blog 2  at Seattle Center

Another month down, but you know what that means. Wrays of Sunshine in August is going to be hot. See you there, sexy!



Links of Gratitude 2

Why not be more grateful more often? This week I’m thankful for:



  • This video of Walken, dancing. And portrait.
  • All the kind words of support on the beginnings of my natural hair journey.
  • Jared’s outstanding photography. This is the sunrise over Seattle on his 38th birthday! Jared Wade Photography
  • Fresh mint in the garden. Methinks it’s mojito season!
  • Legal, recreational marijuana in Seattle!
  • Keiko Lynn’s take on Shapeless Dresses and people asking if she’s pregnant. I have a coworker who thinks it’s funny to constantly assume any news I have is that I’m pregnant even after I’ve repeatedly told him that my husband and I don’t plan on having kids. Ever. Not funny, dude!
  • Summertime fun with friends.
  • Louise at Wallcott’s. If you’re in the Seattle/Shoreline area come out tomorrow evening to see andbuy our steamroller prints. There’ll be a silent auction and snacks!

Have a lovely weekend, my pretties.



June Roundup

Well, here we are, we’ve reached the end of another month! June came and went with a quickness unlike I’ve ever seen. Here’s what we did:

Steamroller Plate Proof

Mischief & Bundabergs

Phyllo Quiche Lorraine 2

Meet: Katherine and Rawko

We also visited Golden Gardens, which was beautiful. Saw the shenanigans at the Fremont Solstice Parade and even visited Portland in Pictures

Ballard Yacht Club

And so much more! July is fast approaching and I’ve got loads more content where that came from. I’ll be continuing our update to the Menu, including more brunch and some new salads. There’ll be a whole new interview and more art than you can shake a stick at. And there’s some big news brewing. Can’t tell ya just yet, but there’s something shiny and new on the horizon. Squee!

Are you ready? What are you favorite features around here? Leave in the comments below!