8 Years

Celebrating eight years in Seattle as of October 13th, 2017. Thinking about changes and times and especially about exciting new dynamics for our work and life in general.

Seattle’s summers are perfect, but it’s the Fall that woos you into believing the Winter will never come. Fall is so good here you can forget how long Spring drags on.

Eight years later everything looks different. There’s a whole new route to downtown. The Space Needle is undergoing its first renovation since its inception. We’re coping with pie.

My neighbor’s scarecrows are so good they’ve been scaring us for two days straight. There are three of them and they have [fake] cockroaches as pets.

It’s perfectly exactly cape weather outside which makes a lady like me get witchy.


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Folklife 2017

We didn’t get to attend last year, so Folklife was high on my list of priorities this year. I even brought de rhythm!



Check out my Folklife Video on the Wrays of Sunshine Youtube Channel. Don’t forget to subscribe!

Yes yes yes yes! Folklife was TENDER. Next year I’ll have a better camera set-up and I’ll be able to capture more, but no complaints. A good time was had by all.

❤ Does your town have any cool festivals? Populate them and report back!




George Tsutakawa’s Fountain of Reflection

George Tsutakawa was a celebrated sculptor and painter who taught at the University of Washington for 29 years before retiring. Born in Seattle on George Washington’s birthday, Tsutakawa’s work finds a natural home on the University of Washington campus.


I got entirely lost escorted some freshman from ART101 to see the Fountain of Reflection. The fountain works were off during our visit, but I appreciated the view to the inner eye.

Credits: Biographical information on George Tsutakawa from the University of Washington‘s faculty listing, and a cursory glance at his Wiki. Image from Seven Roads.







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Our Fremont Solstice Costumes 2016

This year’s Solstice wasn’t so sunny early on. The rain came and went, but that didn’t stop us from getting painted up and heading out.

With the exception of that one year he got to stay until 3, Honeybee usually has to work during Solstice. Instead of giggling and admiring all the beautiful people, he typically is in a freezer tending to chilly produce—or worse, working the check stand with the drunken masses who say things like, “you should really come out and enjoy the day.” You crinkle your eyes at the edges and flatten your lip in a way that resembles a smile, but really you think of course I’d love to enjoy the day, lady, IDIOT! But not this year. This time we got to experience the terrible wonderful glory of the parade from the inside. Of course he’s already in bed because he’s up at 4am for work tomorrow, but today was a day for the books.

Matt rode his bicycle and I scooted along on a Razor Scooter through the parade, so we couldn’t have cameras with us. Instead I offer you our costumes. Matt, the Non-Navigator, who stood in perpetual hero wind throughout the day. Bryan the Wookie up front, Yoda in back. Bethany, the horned ram or the horny ramstress. Also, Sunshine with giant, purple, bird nest afro and industrial strength glitter. Basically me in my natural state.


I say terrible wonderful because there are moments when you truly connect with strangers, when you look out into the crowd and see grace. Other times I realized I had no idea how to ride a Razor Scooter and probably should’ve worn different shoes. There were a lot of hasty decisions I might rethink should I parade again. There was one point when we took a break from biking and scooting to just walk alongside the parade. Some dude sitting on the ground sarcasms, “everyone gets tired.” There was a point when sweat and rain formed a solid sheen sheath around me. A truly odd sensation. That said, it was the most freeing and wonderful experience. And the following shower was none too terrific as well.

Solstice 2016

I hope you had fun hanging in Fremont with us. We’re weird in that way where it’s actually not weird at all because everyone should be naked and glittery and happy. Our costumes came together over a few months. You can see my skirt in Wear Your Work. Need more Solstice in your life? Check out my previous posts on the matter:

Fremont Solstice Parade 2015

Solstice Skaters

Fremont Fair Solstice Parade 2014



Fremont, I love yeh!

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Trying to Get a Rental in Seattle Right Now

Seriously, it’s so bad out there I genuinely wouldn’t wish it on anyone! Not even my worst enemy’s evil twin. A lot of what’s out there is like this:


  • convenient location 30 miles from transit, no sidewalks
  • amazing amenities (doors with knobs)
  • $1500+/month PLUS utilities PLUS parking PLUS internet PLUS non-refundable deposit
  • 250 square feet or less “micro studio”
  • no oven
  • no stove
  • no water
  • PRE-LEASING for sometime that’s not helpful
  • Resident brings their own OXYGEN
  • optional stained carpets OR extra fee to clean them again


Seriously. That’s where I’ve been. Looking and looking, scheduling appointments, background checking, applying. And somehow trying to stay on top of school work and work-work in the meantime. Of course our roommates have places and have moved most of their stuff out already. And while Matt is his helpful self as always, his work hours don’t necessarily facilitate visiting potential homes.

I have a permanent stress-crease in my forehead that will not subside until I have a new [plaid] key on my key chain. Once we have a place to go to, we can work on stressing about the move itself. Some of you may recall that this time last year I was gearing up for surgery. At my recent check up my doctor said, “hey, you, no heavy lifting.” Yeah. Sure, lady.

Wish me luck!

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Makes Me Smile

Sh*t That Makes Me Smile: When Seattleites Get a Lil Sun

You can see the satisfaction. All of a sudden—literally in the middle of cycling—everything and everywhere is a beach worthy of a good lay-out. I’m sure its the Floridian in me, but I just find it so endearing. Especially when I get the Weather Channel warnings to stay hydrated (which we all should, I know, but still). Everybody’s got a little light under the sun! Look at this guy ↓ makeshift lounge.


What’s making you smile these days?

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UW Cherry Blossoms

My brain full from a hard day’s learnin’, exit the [art] building to find all sorts of shenanigans.


There are cute girl with bunnies on leashes. There are Frisbee Brand flying disks. And, oh, the cameras. But what can we do? We are compelled to document the beauty around us. And ourselves in it.


Thanks for venturing to school with me, you guys. I’m getting back to work, I swear!

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Urban Diary #3 | UW Quad | U District

It may seem weird to go from zero to 3, but hey, this is where we are right now. Zooming right along on a Saturday night… doing homework. I’m not complaining, though! Well, I was, but I acknowledge it could be worse. It’s all relative. My homework happens to be fun as heck. So fun I couldn’t help but share.

It’s for my History of Landscape Architecture Class. We’re looking at the shape and the language of spaces in all forms from ancient caves to modern cities. It’s all really fascinating, especially because our professor is particularly passionate about her field. Not only does she teach, but she also works at an architectural firm part-time.

That said, it is still history. There’s a lot of reading and lot of lecture. And then there’s the Urban Diary assignments. We’re responsible for visiting a new location every week, to document that space (in photo or video) and write a paragraph or so relating the space to our themes and ideas from our weekly readings.

This week we learned about paradise gardens and chahar baghs. It intrigues me that paradise is traditionally interpreted as a closed garden, split in four. And the chahar bagh reveals in early landscape architects an affinity with symmetry which may be reflective of ourselves; being that we humans have bilateral symmetry.

We get to choose from a few locations each week and the image above is our very own Quad spied from the interdisciplinary visual arts studio on the rainiest rainy day.


Later, Jared and I wandered the U-district. Umbrellas and dSLRs, can you imagine? I managed to get a few shots that also seem worthy of the title Urban Diary before water droplets took over my lens. Just outside the Simply Mac store, there’s this killer mural and we decided to get close. It was miserably raining, thick droplets—not at all like our usual Seattle mist, still Jared and I had so much fun! He’s a professional photographer so I love to glean as much knowledge from him as I can.


What do you think of landscape architecture? I love looking at beautifully curated spaces, but I also understand the argument that a great landscape is one that is so perfect you don’t even think about it.


Are you inspired by any lovely landscapes lately? Tell me all about it. Down there. Yeah, just scroll and comment. Mmhm. Extra points if you add a picture. 🙂

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It’s Fall, Y’all

Isn’t it funny how Winter and Spring seem to drag on while Summer fizzles up in no time? I’m not complaining, though, because Fall is my favorite. Scarves and bonfires, warm drinks and busy fingers! All the best stuff, you guys. Then before you know it, it’s the holidays and a whole new year.

But before we slip into lightspeed I have a few posts up my sleeve to commemorate the fading of summer. Matt and I are back and mostly recovered from our Labor Day trip to Walla Walla – pictures coming- there are all new projects, too.

Stay tuned!

In the meantime, are you ready for fall or clinging to those flip flops?

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Harbor Tour with Argosy

Just a few days ago Matt and I hopped aboard the Spirit of Seattle for Argosy’s Harbor Tour.


When we first met, Matt worked for Argosy. The uniform was very semi-off-duty-coast-guard (read: sexy). He was the audio-visual technician for one of the longer cruises. The harbor tour is just an hour. Ah, Seattle.

Harbor Tour2

Christina made our drinks and then scurried upstairs to be our tour guide. Something tells me she has many, many more skills. Matt and I have done this tour before, but I feel like we got way closer to the industrial side of Elliott Bay this time around. We even watched the tiny crane operator stack one of these containers. They look small from our perspective, but each one is semi-truck size. Woof.

And we had the super rare treat of seeing a ferry up in the dry dock. I really appreciate that fellow in the wee boat. He lends much needed perspective because WOW!

Harbor Tour5

Guess what else we saw… sea lions! It was kind of sad, though, when Christina explained that all the beach-masters, the badass sea lion dudes in California, were back home mating while these guys were exiled. Still cute, though.


Harbor Tour1

A big thanks to Argosy for the lip-smacking drinks and breathtaking views. We had ourselves a ball. Stay tuned for more Wrays of Sunshine. Can’t wait? See more Seattle Sights, get inspired for dinner with our Menu or Meet some new friends. Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe. Love ya!


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