UW Cherry Blossoms

My brain full from a hard day’s learnin’, exit the [art] building to find all sorts of shenanigans.


There are cute girl with bunnies on leashes. There are Frisbee Brand flying disks. And, oh, the cameras. But what can we do? We are compelled to document the beauty around us. And ourselves in it.


Thanks for venturing to school with me, you guys. I’m getting back to work, I swear!

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UW Rallies for Ferguson


I can’t even tell you the feeling up climbing the stairs to school only to see our familiar George statue flanked by UW police, Seattle PD and a few unmarked cars that looked cop-ish. It was rainy, but that’s not unusual around these parts, but the chanting. Red Square is situated almost conically, so the sounds echoed until you could breathe it. The air was palpable, the message clear:

No justice, no peace. No racist police.

As the assembly broke up I was lost in the sea of people who care.

I wish I could’ve got a little bit of the rally itself, but due to some almost miraculous camera fumbling and foot traffic that idea didn’t quite come to fruition. Still this mini video will suffice to remind me of the feeling of getting washed over by support.